Engaku-ji 円覚寺

  Backing times to 1282, 執権 北条時宗 (Regency, Tokimune Hojo) invited a ZEN master form Sung Dynasty, ancient China and had him open the Zen temple that was Engaku-ji.


  It is a high prestige temple, that means, the second place in the Kamakura Five Zen temples, but I like it the best.  They have large grounds as other large Zen temples do and there are many 塔頭 (Tachu, sub-temple) there.

  We can say that Engaku-ji is a temple-village. You had better take time, minimum one hour if possible, to stroll while seeing their sub-temples.  Quick sight seeing would not be good there.


  Their hanging-bell is designated as a national treasure.  You could feel an indescribable taste from that. (Don't ring it.)


* There is a small hanging-bell at the side of the building seen in front from the main entrance, but the famous bell of the national treasure is placed alone at the end of the slope on the right.


Houkokuji Temple 報国寺

  I like this temple very much, too.  You would be impressed by its calmness before anything.  It is called a Bamboo temple that has been loved by many visitors for a long time.



  It's always busy with the visitors, but it would be rather smooth if  you visit at 9:00 AM of opening time.  It is a good choice to enjoy Maccha at their tea room while seeing the bamboo garden.   www.houko...(En)


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