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  Since we change our menu daily, we don't show the fixed items.  Instead, let us introduce a menu that we offered recently.


Menu on Jul. 21st, 2016  (Tax included)



(Tomato cold soup)



(Turbidity of the pig's tongue, foot, and ear)


Trippa with vegetables


Mousse of chicken lever with the dry figs flavor


New potato Fritto with the rosemary flavor


Squid saute with Manganji pepper and anchovy


U.S eggplant (Black beauty) cutlet served with tomato


Caponata with eggplant, onion, and pinto beans


Fresh grunt Carpaccio


Home made Focaccia


Course menu

House-recommended course


House-recommended light course


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  Our pasta is also home-made.

  Even though we grow garlic in our farm, we don't use so much spice and garlic not to delete natural taste of the ingredients.


  We have Natural Wine but don't necessarily stick to it. We also have a variety of classic style wines and recommend the best one for the dishes of the day. 

Price range: Starts from \700/glass, \2,500/decanter, \3,800/bottle.

  I have the qualification of the sommelier, too.   It is my pleasure and pride to serve the best wine that fits your dishes. I willingly talk with you about your favorite, while I speak just a little English.

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