Osteria Gioia's restaurant offers Italian using "100% home-grown organic vegetables".

  We go to our farm in Kamakura every morning, harvest the vegetables, then cook dishes using them for lunch and dinner of the day.

  Therefore, menu changes daily and we ask customers to choose from the menu of the day.

  I, the owner of  Osteria Gioia, went to Italy and stayed in a farmhouse.  I learnt that they cooked home-grown meat and vegetables at their restaurant in the site.

  Also because I had been growing vegetables in Kamakura, I came to dream of bridging a meal and the agriculture like as the Italian farmers.  After fulfilled the responsibility as a manager at an Italian restaurant back in Japan, I opened my restaurant 7 years ago while growing vegetables in my farm.


  We use locally-grown fish.  As for the meat, we procure them locally and from other sites as far as they are good and delicious.


  Thanks to the customers loving Osteria Gioia, we can still continue the way.  We welcome overseas customers, too.

All our staff are friendly and looking forward to communicating with you.


 See you at Osteria Gioia!


- Please note -


  We are proud of our vegetables, but our cooking is not the vegetarian foods.  We serve the cooked vegetables along with meat and fish.  We do not serve the only- salad.


  We start cooking on receiving order without pre-cooking for the quick serve.  Therefore, we ask our customers to enjoy our foods taking time being relaxed.  It would be highly appreciated if you understand that we do not serve the quick meal.


Osteria Gioia

1st floor, 13-40 Onarimachi Kamakura


Email: carina@gioiakamakura.com

- Hours -

11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

6:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Closed on Wednesday

and the 3rd Tuesday

(Open in case of National holiday, close the next day.)


(Jp) http://gioiakamakura.com


(En) http://gioiakamakura-en.link/

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